Thursday, August 4, 2016

What The Attorney & Their Clients Need To Know About Scars

Scars are a normal consequence of wound healing. Frequently, scars are often “an issue” when an attorney evaluates damages in a medical/legal form. Scars are commonly characterized by definition concerning the depths of the elevated tissue, pigment shape, and orientation.  Although scars often improve with time, the human body may yield abnormal scars. These subtypes are called “hypertrophic scars” or “keloids.” Hypertrophic scars may be raised and red, and distort adjacent body parts. Keloidal scars grow beyond the zone of injury. 
Multiple factors influence the ultimate quality of the resultant scar. Certainly, a history needs to be taken as to the mechanism of the trauma. An avulsion, where there is loss of tissue, would be a more problematic scar than a “simple” cut. Furthermore, the region of the body where the wound lies is quite important. Certain areas, such as the shoulder or sternum, frequently widen and become raised above the surrounding skin. This is possibly due to high skin tension in all directions in these anatomic sites. If a wound follows a relaxed skin line, a more optimal cosmetic or functional result will become evident. Multiple smaller scars heal better than one long straight scar.  Smaller scars are not subject to a “bowstring” effect of a longer scar.... (Click to Read Full Article)

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